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How I Am Marketing the Birthday Club

Thought it might be insightful to show you all I am doing to market the launch of our Birthday Club at Toy House.

  • Facebook – This is where I did a lot of research and also where we first announced it.
  • Email – I use Constant Contact to manage my email list. This particular email was the most-opened email I have sent.
  • Press Releases – I have 80 email addresses just for press releases; newspaper contacts, radio, TV, business leaders, people who publish newsletters, local organizations, etc.
  • TV – I am the daily sponsor of the JTV Birthday Club on the Bart Hawley Show. They put up a slide on the air at the end of their Birthday Club segment telling people to sign up for our Birthday Club. Plus, I will be making a live appearance next week on the show to talk about it.
  • Local Message Boards – my wife posted the announcement on two local message boards and they both immediately had positive reactions.
  • Radio – I will be doing a couple interviews on local radio soon to talk about the Birthday Club. Part of that is because I do a lot of radio advertising. Part of that is because I have cultivated relationships with our local deejays. I might run a radio ad later, but only if I think I need the extra publicity.
  • Website – Our web guy put it up on our website in conjunction with the launch. Thanks Steve!
  • In-Store Signs – We have signs all throughout the store advertising the Birthday Club.
  • This Blog – Sure, it’s more of a backdoor way of marketing, but I have customers and local people who read this blog and have learned about the Birthday Club from it.
  • Word-of-Mouth – The buzz both online and in person has been huge.

Sure, that might seem like a lot of work. But much of it is simple enough to do. And all it really cost was time.

Results? Over 150 sign-ups in the first three days.

You don’t need a big advertising budget to market your business. You need some time, some ingenuity, and a great message.


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