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Word of Mouth, Hidden Talents, and Smiles

I plan every staff meeting the same way, by finishing this statement:

This will be a successful meeting if…

For this morning’s meeting it was:

  1. If the staff has a better understanding of how to truly create Word of Mouth in our customers, and how close we are to offering over-the-top experiences that customers will talk about.
  2. If the staff finds one new way to use a hidden talent of theirs to offer a unique customer experience.
  3. If the staff bonds.

Simple enough.

We started with a quick presentation on Word-of-Mouth (1), the same info I give in my Main Street Marketing on a Shoestring Budget presentation.

After that, we broke into small groups and had everyone share one talent (2, 3) they had that the rest of the group probably didn’t know. Then, with the help of the group they had to brainstorm a way to use that talent in the store (2).

For example, if your talent is cooking, we have children’s cookbooks. Why not take one home, try out a few recipes and bring in something you cooked from the cookbook? Wouldn’t that be pretty cool to have actual dishes from the cookbook to sample before you bought the cookbook?

Not only did we come up with some pretty good ideas, the staff got to know each other a little better. And those ideas will lead to a better customer experience and more Word-of-Mouth.

It all started with the goal. Do you have a goal for your next meeting or are you just passing along information? If it is the latter, send them a memo. The best meetings all start with a goal and are built around fun ways to reach that goal.


PS The Smiles reference in the title was because at every meeting we share Smile Stories. It is at the core of everything we do, so we reinforce it at every meeting by sharing how we have met our ultimate goal in the past month.

PSS Having trouble coming up with a way to reach your goal? Start with this simple Meeting Planner Worksheet. Still having problems? Send me an email with your goal and I’ll tell you what I would do.

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