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To Labor on Labor Day or Not

Are you open this Monday? We aren’t.

Labor Day & Memorial Day are paid holidays for my staff (along with New Year’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas).

We’re also closed Sundays of Labor & Memorial Day weekends.


For my staff. They deserve a break. I expect a lot from them and so I need to reward them from time to time. Giving them paid holidays and long weekends is one way I tell them that breaks are important and family time is a priority and that it isn’t always about chasing the almighty dollar.

Plus, in our town it just isn’t a big shopping day for anyone but the Transactional Customers looking for a Labor Day sale. And I’m not going after them.

You may have your own reasons for being open or closed this weekend. That’s fine and good by me. Just thought I’d tell you mine.

Happy Labor Day! (wanted to tell you that now, because Monday I’ll be sleeping in:-)


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