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I’m Going to Learn

Next week I’ll be attending the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy 2010 in Providence, RI. Four days of workshops, keynotes, small group discussions, panels and a mini-trade show.

I’m going to learn.

I’m going to learn new ways to improve my marketing.

I’m going to learn new ways to train and motivate my staff.

I’m going to learn how to increase our profit so that we can weather tough economic times and grow in the good times.

I’m going to learn about new games and new activities and new toys.

I’m going to meet new people, network with old friends, hear interesting stories.

I’m going to give a presentation on Inventory Management to help others learn from what I know.

Yes, I’m going to learn, because when you stop learning, you start dying. And I’m in no mood to stop learning.

What have you learned recently?


PS The most observant of you reading this post probably got the double meaning of the phrase “I’m going…”

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