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Excerpt From the Book “Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel”

Here is an excerpt from my new book, “Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel: Turning Your Staff Into a Work of Art”

Flipping through her Rolodex, Mary knew she needed help. And there it was. Dr. Scott, of all people, her least favorite professor. Mary could still picture Dr. Scott peering over his wire-rim reading glasses as he handed back her assignments each time saying his catch phrase, “You can do better.” Although hard on every student, Dr. Scott had been especially tough on Mary. No matter how much effort she put into her work, Dr. Scott would still say, “You can do better.” The students often laughed that he should tattoo the phrase on his forehead and save his breath. Yet, each time he said it, Mary became more resolved to show him improvement. The more he pushed her, the more she did. Mary always felt that Dr. Scott disliked her immensely. She couldn’t have been more surprised on graduation day when he told her how proud he was of what she had accomplished – first in her class, Summa Cum Laude. Beaming like a proud father, he handed her his business card saying, “I push hardest on those I believe have the most potential. You certainly lived up to my expectations. Call me if you ever need help.”

Mary laughed at the memory, thinking at the time that this was one card she’d be glad to toss. But she found a pocket beneath her graduation gown and tucked it away. When she bought her first Rolodex, somehow his card found its way in.

Now she looked at the card. Should she call? Mary feared that all he would say was, “You can do better,” and she had no response. Doubts and fears battled across her mind.

She was muddled on what to do. Mary glanced at the memo staring back at her. Twenty great sales reps in three months. She had to find them, hire them, and train them with no room for error.

Mary picked up the phone and dialed. “He’s probably not even there,” she thought.

To her surprise, Dr. Scott picked up on the third ring…

Would you like an easy-to-follow method that takes your hiring and training to a new level? The book is an enjoyable read and will produce results for you immediately.

Here are a couple testimonials from the first batch of books sold…

I just read the book last night, cover to cover–I loved it! As a store owner, I thought the information was invaluable. I struggle with the correct steps to take in hiring and training new staff. The steps laid out in this book are so easy to follow…common sense really. The story was one that you didn’t want to put …down. Following the process of someone learning pottery, was a beautiful way of describing just how we are to create a “work of art” staff. Thanks Phil!

-Julie Wells, Imagination Station, Franklin, IN

I just received Phil’s book yesterday. If you didn’t purchase it at market you should order it. It is a easy read and worth the money if you struggle with hiring good employees. Phil, great job on the book, I started it this morning and didn’t want to put it down.

-Connie Hoeft, CR Toys, Kearney, NB

Buy it today right here. Happy hiring!


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