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Thieves in the Night

Got an earlier than usual start today – the alarm company called at 5am. Northwest warehouse motion detector went off.

Normally I wouldn’t have them dispatch police for just a motion detector without another zone, especially one of the outer doors, going off. But this morning I did.

Last night at 2am someone broke into the restaurant/gift shop across the street.

Or more specifically…

At 1:58am the alarm went off
At 1:59am 9-1-1 was notified
At 2:02am two police arrived on the scene – too late!

The thieves had picked up two cash registers, slammed them on the ground and made off with the loot.

Later today my staff will get a reminder of why we remove the drawers from our registers every night and lock them up in a safe. Plus, we leave the drawers wide open so anyone looking in the window can see there ain’t nuthin’ there. I hope you are doing the same.


PS – Just a false alarm for us… hope I don’t get another one. I’ve only got one more false alarm dispatch before the city starts charging for the police calls.

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