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I Served Them Ice Cream

Staff Meeting. 8:30am. Ice cream served.

Ice cream for breakfast?

Some loved it. One employee had two bowls.

Some hated it. Who would eat ice cream for breakfast?

Some were indifferent. “No thanks, I had a bagel.”

Kinda like your business, right? Some love you, some hate you, some are indifferent.

Do you know what causes people to love you – the proverbial ice cream for breakfast that you serve?

Are you willing to serve that ice cream at 8:30am just for those that love it against all conventional thinking? That’s what the best stores do (metaphorically speaking). And their best customers reward them with loyalty and evangelism.

Think about it…

Apple Storesyou can’t have a store without cash registers!
Whole Foodsthere’s no long-term market for expensive, organic/natural/gluten-free foods being pushed upon the public through fancy displays
Nordstrom’s you can’t take everything back no questions asked – people will take advantage of you

Yet, those three stores were ranked #1, #2, #3 in RetailWire’s survey of best customer shopping experiences.

They are all serving ice cream at 8:30am.

As Seth Godin recently pointed out, it’s easier to serve ice cream to those who want it than to change the mind of those who think it’s weird.

What are you scooping out for your best customers?


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