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Yellow Pages Online Don’t Work Either

I’ve talked about how Yellow Pages (don’t) work here.

Now let’s talk about Yellow Pages Online…

Last year I let my sales rep talk me into trying out yellowpages.com for Jackson and Ann Arbor areas (where most of my traffic originates). Now I’m trying to talk my way out of it.

Last year http://www.toyhouseonline.com/ received over 44,000 unique, non-spider referrals. An underwhopping 54 of them were referred to our site by yellowpages.com. That’s an (un)incredible 0.1%.

I had 6 times that amount of traffic from a company that supplies a small, obscure type of pacifier we sell. I had twice that traffic from a company that went out of business last year (but apparently their website is still up somewhere?). In fact, there were three referral url’s ahead of yellowpages.com that I had to click just to see who they were.

When your yellow pages rep tries to sign you up for their way overpriced online services, JUST SAY NO. There are a lot better ways to spend your ad dollars.


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