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I’m Hiring, Part 1 – Attracting the Right People

I need 2 or 3, or maybe 4 more part-timers to round out my staff and keep customer service levels at our high standard.

Here’s how I’m going about finding them.

First, I announced it on our Facebook Page and Email Newsletter. Here is what I said…

Do you like to interact with adults and kids alike? Are you self-motivated, dependable and reliable? Do you get satisfaction from helping others? Do you love to learn and grow personally?

You might be just who we’re looking for. As our business continues to stay strong, we need more friendly, helpful people to make our customers smile.

Stop in and fill out an application by April 10th. We’re looking for some part-time helpers to make you smile.

By doing it in those locations I’m reaching out to people who already know and love our store, and also know the committment to customer service we expect.

Next, I’ll be running a radio ad that says the following…

It’s not easy joining the Toy House Team. Oh, the application is standard, but your handwriting better be good and the info complete and accurate. And if you’re lucky enough to get an interview, you gotta prove that you’re friendly, helpful, and motivated. Training? Our expectations are tough, but the customers’ are even tougher. When you make it, though, you’ll be part of the best retail team in town. So if you have what it takes, stop by Toy House in downtown Jackson. We’re looking for people who make you smile.

You’ll notice something in both of those ads. Never once did I mention retail experience as a prerequisite for employment. But I did mention some traits I DO want. Words like “friendly”, “helpful”, “self-motivated”, “dependable”, “reliable”, “love to learn” fill out my ads.

The purpose is to speak to the people who might have the traits I want and also keep away some of the people who read those descriptions and say, “That’s just not me.”

The best applicants will put on their resumes and applications some sort of proof that they have those characteristics. And if they don’t it’s either because they didn’t hear/see my ads (which, of course, I’ll ask them) or they didn’t care.

Oh yeah, caring is one of those words, too. If they don’t care to speak to my needs in the application, they won’t care to speak to my customers’ needs on the job.

When you do your next round of hiring, spell out the traits you most want in your new employees directly in the ad. You’ll attract more people with those traits and fewer people without them.

Sir Walter Raleigh said it best, “The employer generally gets the employee he deserves.”


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