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Currencies That Buy Credibility

I’m reading a brand new book on marketing. Well… okay, I just read a brand new book. I read it in one sitting. And I’m planning to read it again – probably tonight.

Yeah, it was that good.

The book is called “Currencies That Buy Credibility” by Tom Wanek.

Too many times we hear lines in marketing & advertising that just don’t ring true. Things like…

“We won’t be undersold!”
“The best sales staff in town!”
“The world’s largest selection!”
“Lowest prices guaranteed!”

Maybe some of them are true, maybe they aren’t. The key is that without something to show us how they are true, our cynical nature leads us to disbelief every single time.

Tom, however, teaches you how to give credibility to your statements, whatever they may be, through six different currencies such as your time, your money, or your control. With credibility you grow trust. And with trust you grow your business.

The book is easy to read, has great examples, and makes perfect sense. You’ll be applying his principles almost immediately. I know, because I have. I started reviewing and rewriting my radio ads this morning based on what I’ve learned.

If you’re involved in the marketing of your store, this is one book you should add to your library.

(Full Disclosure: Tom is a Wizard of Ads partner I met 2 years ago. As an acquaintance, I planned to read his book from the moment he announced it being published. But I wouldn’t be promoting it here unless I believe it can help you. And, no, I’m not getting anything for promoting his book – except maybe a heartfelt thanks.)


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