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Are You Real Real or Just Fake Real?

I watched an interesting video this morning. Great way to start the day. It’s from the TED Conference. For those of you that don’t know TED, TED is a conference of really smart people, way smarter than me, doing really cool, mind-blowing presentations, usually 15 minutes or less.

Joseph Pine did a presentation on “what consumers want” that was quite eye-opening. He led us through the evolution of the marketplace from commodities to goods to services to experiences.

Then he blew me away with a simple graph about authenticity. Is your business authentic? That’s what customers really want – authentic experiences. Of course, there are degrees to authenticity. Fake Fake, Fake Real, Real Fake, and Real Real.

Find out what you and your business are. Check out the video at:

But be careful, you can get hooked on TED videos. I know I am.



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