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“[Phil’s] tips paid off immediately at our next staff meeting!”

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Phil Wrzesinski
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Here is why you hire a Business Coach:

  • When you know you need help learning a new skill
  • When you want someone to show you your blind spot
  • When you want your business to reach the next level
  • When you know that you don’t know what you don’t know

Here is why you hire me:

  • You’re a DIY person who wants to do things yourself.
  • You recognize that you need someone to teach you new and better ways to do things.
  • You want a coach who was a retailer and small business owner just like you. 
  • You want to learn not only how to do something but why you should do it that way.
  • You want someone who speaks your language and can make difficult concepts understandable.

First Meeting is FREE!

When you call to set up a potential consulting or coaching session the first meeting is FREE. This is an exploratory meeting to see what problem you are facing and what level of service you might need.

It may be that we can solve the problem through one of my Free Resources. It may be that you need some extra coaching or consulting. It may be that you need someone with skills better suited than my own. We’ll take about an hour to talk through all of that before we decide on a course of action.

The Next Step is Yours

After our meeting I will send you a recap with a variety of proposals explaining what I will do, what it will cost, and how we will measure success. You then choose what you believe will work best for your needs.

I do not charge an hourly fee. I prefer to work on a contract with a flat fee and a set result. That way you will know exactly what you’re going to pay and exactly what you’re going to get. 

(Note: Yes, I do out-of-town coaching. We handle as much as we can through phone calls and email. It is much more affordable that way.)

One Final Thing …

With every client, the first exercise we will do is uncover your Core Values. You can do yourself and your business a huge favor by doing that on your own now.

First read this pdf. Then download these worksheets.

Hire me to Coach when you want to learn to:

Hire Better

Train Better

Serve Your Customers Better

Market Yourself Better

Manage Your Inventory Better

Manage Your Staff Better

Manage Your Cash Flow Better