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Another Example of Winning – Chicago Style

August 17, 2018

Have you ever had a meal ruined by a kid at the next table? Half of the time you’re wondering why the parent doesn’t do something to fix the situation. The other half you’re wondering why the parent brought the child to this particular restaurant in the first place. Some… Read more

Winning the Millennial Vote

August 7, 2018

While doing research for a presentation I am making next week on selling to Millennials I came across an interesting statistic … Only 51% of eligible Millennial voters voted in the 2016 presidential election compared to 63% for Generation X, 69% for Boomers, and 70% of everyone older. Of course,… Read more

I Thought She Was the Owner

July 31, 2018

Often someone from my staff would enter my office and say, “I have an idea.” Often I would answer, “Great! Run with it!” “But don’t you want to hear it first?” “Is it consistent with our Core Values?” “Yes.” “Will it cost the company a lot of money?” “No.” “Run… Read more

How to Not Frustrate Your Customer

July 30, 2018

I don’t fit in this world very well. My body wasn’t made for standard sizing. I can’t fly certain airlines without being completely miserable, cramped, and in pain. There are some cars I just don’t like to drive because not only does the seat not adjust to my size, the… Read more

Having Fun, Helping Others, Eating Lunch

July 27, 2018

For the past three weeks I have been making several drives from my home in Jackson to the Oakland County area for lunch. For those of you not in Michigan, Oakland County is one of the three counties (including Wayne and Macomb) that makes up the Greater Detroit Metropolitan area.… Read more

Delegate to Make Two People Happy

July 24, 2018

I started working full time at Toy House on April 30, 1993. It wasn’t my first job at Toy House. That started when I was the cute kid on the float in the Rose Parade through downtown Jackson at the age of three. At seven I was getting 10 cents… Read more

Getting the Help You Want

July 23, 2018

Ever have one of those moments where things just clicked for you and everything that was a little hazy before now came into focus? I feel blessed that I have had several of those moments in my life and business career. One of them happened in October 2006. I wrote… Read more

You’re Killing the Sale Before it Even Starts

July 20, 2018

Next month I am unveiling some new presentations at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago. One of those presentations is called “10 Mistakes that Sideline the Sale – Don’t Let Them Kill Your Mojo!” The blurb for the presentation starts with … “You know not to say, ‘Can I… Read more